Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Good Food and Wine Show - Melbourne - June 2014

So I did something on the weekend I've never done before- I went to my very first food show! And what makes it even better is that I was invited on a Media Pass!

Earlier this year I went to the Home Show at the Convention Centre, and being held in the same place, I thought I would know what to expect, but this was so much better. Lots of bright lights, and a real buzz in the air, as well as lots of beautiful aromas! And I guess with so many free samples, everyone was just kind of happy- who doesn't love a freebie!
So much free coffee! Thanks DeLonghi! PS Check out my Media Pass!
But first stop, the Barilla Cooking Class. Thanks very much to Barilla for inviting us to participate as it was a lot of fun. We made a pork sausage and winter vegetable pasta, using their new GF pasta. The cheese they provided was a salted sheep's milk ricotta which I have never of before, but it was hard enough to be grated and absolutely delish! I was very excited it was sheep's milk and not cows as it meant I could eat it. Was a delicious lunch and great start to our afternoon!
At the Barilla Cooking Class with chef Luca Ciano
The products on offer were so diverse. Everything from yogurt, sausages, sauces, crackers, and coffee (lots of coffee!), with some big companies, but lots of new and exciting small producers, some using locally sourced ingredients, making them all that more special.

So stay tuned for some reviews on some great products, including the OMG Cereals GF Muesli Cookie, The Ginger People ginger syrup, Caramelicious salted butter sauce, Zest Byron Bay curries, and
CarĂªme GF pastry. I've got a lot of cooking, baking and eating to do!

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  1. Looks like you had fun! Would've loved to had a try of all those goodies!