Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Super Delicious Muesli Brekky Cookie- Good Food & Wine Show

One of the stall holders I met at the Good Food and Wine Show (GFWS) was Jenny from OMG Cereals. Jenny has a lovely muesli that she has developed, but was also showing a new product, yet to hit the shelves- a GF muesli cookie.

Before I go on, I just want to acknowledge Jenny's journey. Jenny only started marketing her muesli commercially in January, after years of friends and family telling her how amazing it was. And in 6 months she has been selling at markets, in health food shops, and has also exhibited at the GFWS. Wow! How incredible. As her muesli isn't GF, I was lucky enough to try the GF muesli cookie. 

Yum! You can see the flavour with all those chunks of fruits, nuts and more!

Now one thing I love about this product, is that it's been developed by a non-coeliac. The reason why I love that, is because Jenny knows what other non-GF products are like so she can compare to the 'real' thing. There are far too many GF products on the shelves that shouldn't be there, because they are not very nice!

Jenny developed this cookie for a friend's grandfather that was visiting, who had brought some unappetising apricot tarts for afternoon tea, so Jenny saw the opportunity to make a product people would actually enjoy. So after lots of experimentation, the end product is a combination of almond, millet and coconut flours, eggs, Greek yogurt, crushed pineapple, toasted coconut, a mix of nuts (macadamia, almonds, pecans), seeds (pepitas, sunflower and chia) and dried fruit (cranberries, blueberries, apricots), and maple syrup. 

What an amazing combination of ingredients! There's also one very special ingredient to top it all off- nu-coat ginger. This gives the cookie a great ginger taste which makes it quite refreshing. Every bite is delicious and each bite gave a taste of something a little different. The cookie was really filling and quite satisfying for breakfast. I think it would be too big for a snack, but not sure how the final product will end up when finally available on the shelves. It would be great to see smaller bite size cookies also available as these would make for a great afternoon snack. Jenny is currently in the process of trying to work out commercial preparation and packaging for this exciting product, so stay tuned!

For the moment you'll have to find Jenny at farmers markets around Melbourne and the Yarra Valley to try out the cookie or her muesli (not GF). Will keep you posted when it becomes commercially available. 
What a view! And what beautiful visitors. Hello Sydney!
PS- had to share this photo from our weekend in Sydney where these guys popped in to say hello during a bout of glorious Winter sunshine!

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