Thursday, 14 March 2013

Coeliac Awareness Week: Red Robyn Gluten Free Cafe

I am so excited to tell you all about my new favourite breakfast place in Melbourne. And the best thing is that it is completely gluten free and so friendly for lots of other allergies too!

The search for an allergy friendly cafe came after a friend of mine was diagnosed with egg, soy and rye allergies. After a decade of feeling sick and thinking it was IBS, she finally got all the tests done and was relieved to know what was causing her stomach pain. However, eating out became a real issue.

Avocado mash with feta, mushrooms, tomatoes. Yum!

We began eating at a vegan cafe (no eggs on the menu) which was a nice change from the usual egg overloaded breakfast menus, until my friend told me about Red Robyn. I checked out the website and was so pleasantly surprised to see that not only did they have a completely gluten free menu, but they also catered for fructose intolerance, egg, soy, dairy allergies, vegan diets, and nut allergies too!
Red Robyn on Urbanspoon
Check it out on Urbanspoon to read how much everyone else loves it too!
I must admit, the menu can be quite difficult to navigate on first attempt. They use letter codes to mark out which diets the menu item is suitable for. Check out the menu here yourself- Red Robyn Menu

However, as someone with an allergy, or if you have ever dined with someone with a food allergy, you are probably so used to trying to navigate menus and then choose something that you hope the staff understand your dietary requirements for, that it is such a relief when the Red Robyn staff understand all food allergies and are so knowledgeable about their menu that they can suggest something delicious anyway!

I chose the dukkah crusted eggs with prosciutto, chickpea patties and tomatoes. Delish! 

The other thing is their coffee. They offer a number of milks so that everyone is catered for. Their main dairy milk is A2 (perfect for those that can't tolerate normal milk), and they also offer lactose free milk, rice milk, and soy milk. And don't worry- the dairy and non-dairy milks even have their own dedicated milk steamers. Wow!

The look and feel of the cafe is great too. It feels really cosy and homely. It's warm and inviting and the staff are so lovely and friendly. They never seem too rushed to help you out or to stay for a short chat. And did I mention that they are really knowledgeable about the menu so you don't need to worry about your food allergies here?! It's great.

It's hard not to get excited when you know you can have anything on the menu!

They also do lots of yummy take home treats too. I picked up a jam donut (gluten/dairy free) and a yo-yo biscuit (gluten free/vegan). They were so delicious and I forgot to take a photo before I woofed them down! I love this place and if you are a coeliac in Melbourne or having breakfast or lunch with a coeliac in Melbourne, this place is a must. And once you go the first time, you will want to make it your new favourite place for breakfast too!

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