Monday, 8 October 2012

Vegan chocolate mud cake

I do apologise for the poor photography, inside and night time, not my best time to shoot!
For our son's birthday he requested a 'Choclick Mater cake'.
I just love to hear his own interpretation, his own take on the English language. He used to say 'twolicious' for delicious- not anymore...breaks my heart a little, but hey it happens every birthday.

So I used a devils food chocolate sheet cake. It was so delicious... I still hear about it.

Actually I found an off cut in the freezer the  other night while searching for dessert, seriously, they just breathed it in!

This is a good thing, when that happens, I know it's just right.

So when I had a request for a Vegan Mud Cake, I looked through my mud cake recipes and found a couple that could work easily, even one that goes well white, as it has no cocoa.

But I kept thinking about that 'choclick cake'.

The Flavour was right.

It was moist and delicious.

It could work a bit muddier.

So I set about to make it a bit muddier today, and veganise it (I'm sure that's a word, right? Spellcheck doesn't think so)

So basically I took out the eggs and added chocolate, a lot.

But I'm in need of critique, so if you're free come round for a slice (maybe you should call know what they're like around here with choclick cake!!)
This was your slice, Mr4 ate it up

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