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Bread reveiw #1 - Common ground Bakery

Twolicious are on a mission. To find or create the best gluten free bread. Not just a good enough for gluten free, but good bread. Yummy bread.
I can't stop eating this bread!
So good you'll want to check the ingredients twice to be sure it's gluten free!
Its' bread, Fred

So to give you run down on what to expect with each review (although they will all be different), I thought I'd start here.
We'll look at different categories of bread. As in their origin.

1: bakery bread/ store bought
2: make at home packet mix
3: bread made from recipes

I think that about covers all breads (unless you guys know of another!)

Common ground multiseed gluten free loaf
Category 1:

Common ground Bakery


To be completely honest I had in my mind a whole nother idea when I finally arrived at Common Ground at the base of Razorback (their bakery and sweet little cafe is in what used to be the Razorback inn, at the front of where the 'woolshed' is/was).

You see I'd been hearing about a wonderful gluten free sourdough or ciabatta. Admittedly it was just hearsay, but I still got a bit excited by the thought of gluten free bread- real bread.

At the time I didn't think that it was at all possible, and to be real about this whole idea, I have never really enjoyed bread the way other people seem to. I actually didn't miss it at all when I had to go GF.
I kinda felt a little relieved that I didn't have to have sandwiches for lunch, I didn't have to consider it at all (for me at least- I still had to consider the needs of my gorgeous husband).

So when I spoke to the lady (and I say "Lady" because she was warm and beautiful, and kind with her words, but also held herself as a Lady should- I don't even really know what that means!)

However when I asked about the GF bread (they didn't actually have any left from the weekend market), the GF sourdough or ciabatta that I'd heard wonderful stories of... it was non existent :(

Instead their range of GF bread were made from a batter (so I class that as a savoury cake).

They did have a few options like a white loaf, this seeded loaf and a wholemeal like loaf.
I would've gone home empty handed only she remembered a lost loaf without a date on it (so it could not be sold- I still would've paid for it).

She gave me this loaf, saying that they were not able to use it and that I really must just take it. I felt terrible just taking this loaf so I bought mr4 a muffin (he was not interested in staying as they have some play equipment in the garden out front).

It was of dense texture, and a very moist crumb. The seeds (pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, soy, flax seeds, and I think almond) gave it a nice crunch and an interesting flavour with each bite. I enjoyed it.

This was the last slice!

2/10: Would I go back for more? nope, It'd get me by in a pinch. But as I said I don't love bread that much. Their bakery is also about half an hour out of the way for us. If I was driving by I might stop at their cafe and try some of the other GF items on the menu.


6/10: Longevity? I got this bread when it was already 3 days into its' little life, and it was still edible for two more days. After the fifth day of it's life, it grew mould. Day 4 and 5 the bread needed a little refreshing in the microwave oven,

4/10: Freezing? It froze and refreshed fairly well, coming back with a little less moisture, and as it cooled the crust was a bit crunchy (without toasting).

7/10: Toasting? Brought out the oils in the seeds, and was probably the best way to eat this bread. Which is not unusual for GF breads.

So then overall this bread gets a 4.75/10.

As I said throughout, this bread is pretty average for GF breads there is not really any wow factor to it, and it is pretty much what I had come to expect for GF breads in general.

They do have a beautiful setting out at Razorback Inn, I wish I'd taken some photos. Their philosophy is simple and wholesome. They grow all their greens and make everything from scratch, I like that!

I think we actually need more of that around so if you are going through Picton or Katoomba, check it out, I doubt you'd be disappointed any.

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