Sunday, 27 May 2012

vintage crates

I have been pondering how to be more effecient at the market, and how to make sure when the sun comes over in the afternoon, to keep the cookies, especially the chocolate coated ones from being affected.

I liked the idea of an awning (expensive- I'd have to buy it, and a new money for that at the moment) this might solve the afternoon sun issue, but the more I look, the more I love the idea of having a storage shelf at the back of the table, this would lift the stock up out of the suns way and also give me room to store a couple of each product where I can easily access it, and don't have to go reaching under the table into a box to find the right product, fumbling and nervous and poorly lit and oh....I really need to fix this issue before the next market.

Hopefully seeming more professional and efficient.

Look aren't these lovely?

I like the slender look of these, I think they just might fit my boxes in there just perfect
I'd have it like this so the market goers would see them from this angle, and pop some stock on a display on top
These great finds were on etsy
I love these old wooden crates, the more I see them, the more I love them. Plus would be good for carting to and from the car, and add some character to our display too.

The only part I don't love is the $, and when we have $0 budget at the moment, anything is out of reach...

But how awesome would a few of these look on the back of my table (I know, I think I'd get a lot more custom with the beer too, but, not gunna happen)

This dude even stamped it himself- I'd love to make a custom stamp for our cookies on the box
I have been looking up some DIY crates on instructables and I love this style the best, it looks vintage, and the wood could be quite easily sourced. And the best part- that vintage look was made with steelwool and vinegar-easy!

So I'm off to see if there is any spare timber lying around...(good luck to me with that one)...

Which style do you like the best?
Which one do you think would work best?
Which one do you want in your home?


  1. I love the boxes in the top picture. And it's a great idea for your stall. I've started doing a similar thing with a couple of boxes on my stall table.
    Have you thought of using old pallets for timber? They are often just lying around and some places might even let you have some if they're old or broken. Or local council kerbside collection days are a great source for all kinds of useful bits and pieces and totally free!

  2. You know the sad part is we only had a pallet or some fencing not long ago...since been used. Oh and don't think I haven't been stalking the kerbs lately, it's a little embarrassing for everyone else! But I love it!!
    Thanks for the tips