Friday, 18 May 2012

To Market, to market...

Well after a lot of anxiety and hours baking and creating, we finally did it! Our very first market ever!
This is the GF Cookie stall at Bowral Public School markets 12/5/12, that's me in my big fat jacket, keeping warm.
I know, I know...signage !!

I will admit I did not get a lot of sleep last week, at first I wasn't sure if we had a place at the market, and was waiting for the invoice to come through, and by that time (Monday) I had done just about everything except prepare the stock....oh yeah and tables! (which darling dada took care of, along with the loaner gazebo)

So I guess those little things added to the overall anxiety. But in the end I got it all done (I should say we, because dada helped pack the car and prep for the day), and it was fresh (1am that morning!!), that is the stock and the weather, hehe...

Market morning...

After I had finished preparing the stock (at 1am as I said earlier!!) I was just about to grab a quick snuggle in a nice warm bed, until...little bunny (20mths) woke up, and decided that she would not be easily settled.
So then it was not until maybe 2:30am that I was finally able to close my eyes, and it felt like I'd just closed my eyes and the alarm went (well of course in reality there must have been some time I was asleep because brother bear had snuggled up beside me and I didn't even know!).

I carefully climbed out of my deliciously warm bed sandwich between my two favourite boys :(  and quickly got myself ready, and popped the cakes from the fridge into the esky, kissed the dada and my babies and drove off into the darkness.

Not knowing exactly where to go, or what to expect, I found a place to park the car and called the market director - Page (so helpful, and very supportive- thank you Page). She showed me my place and introduced me to my neighbour Pierre (they do organic and heirloom veggies- they didn't stop all day!).

I was feeling quite on top of things and had loaded up my little trolley (really a $5 pram- a find at the tip from dada on his way home the other day, we stripped it down, cleaned it up and it works a treat), and travelled down to my spot to set up.
the arm that broke

Upon unpacking the loaner gazebo I was gutted when I found that one of the connections (cross arm to leg/roof) had broken. I didn't let this get to me, I figured we could still use it, and just moved that corner to the rear.

So I was almost set up, and who should arrive, but my adorable mum! Thank you mum, It was so nice to spend the day with you, especially since you got up so early on a Saturday and you still had reports to write.

Mum brought her little teapot, cake tiers and a few eclectic teacups and saucers (let me tell you we could have sold that teapot at least 5 times that day...maybe I should be selling teapots!). They made the sweetest little set up, there was even one chic who took photos of our display, she loved it so much.
I did forget to take photos until almost half way through the day!!

We had such a lovely day and had some friends stop by to show their support which was so encouraging. Thank you Miss Krisha, Inga and her family, Janelle, Amanda and Sienna, it was so nice to see your smiling faces. But most of all thank you to the dada and bunny and bear for coming to see me, nothing could have lifted me more.
P.nut butter BOMBS!!, chocolate mint thins and Decorated sugar cookies (Love Mum Style)

What was also encouraging were the people at the market, there were stall holders who asked if we wanted to do a swap for the most delicious hot lemon drink, it was like a chai spiced hot lemon drink, soooo delicious, I hope they want to swap again!

There was also enquiries into sugar free options, of which I had only brought one successful tested recipe (my red velvet cupcakes, they can be dairy, egg, gluten and sugar free, I also made some original red velvets which were just gluten free. The sugar, dairy, egg, gluten free cupcakes showed interest from quite a few customers, so I think I'll try a few more recipes this month and see what else we can bring that is sugar free.
very hungry caterpillar cookie series
red velvet mini cupcakes and french breakfast puffs aka baked doughnuts

I kinda can't wait until next market, I want to go round and introduce myself to the other stall holders (I really only got to chat to a couple this time), and I want to get out and see what new things are out and about. I had a little look around the last month, and chatted to a couple of stall holders, but not as many as I liked.
my cookie tree

So I guess I would count this market as a success, not that I sold out- (I did go overboard in making stock, hence the sale this week (don't forget to check out the great prices on our etsy and madeit pages!!) We covered our cost for the day, and we are starting to get our name out there which is what we need to do.

We will see how we go next market. Maybe you'll come visit next time, all our blog followers will get a freebie!!

So what is it you look for in a market?
Do you like the small town markets, the handcraft markets, produce markets or the ones with it all like Bowral Public School Markets?



  1. Sounds like a great first experience! When is the next one?

    PS I love the very hungry caterpillar cookies!

  2. They are the 2nd Saturday each month so, that will be June 9. Btw, I had so much fun with the hungry caterpillar cookies!! Oh and you should hear bunny when she asks for one "I wan car pillargh, peeeeese?" hehe, so sweet!

  3. Congratulations on your first market! It's always scary at first but it sounds as though you had success and lots of fun! And you're already looking forward to the next one! I do warn folks that markets are addictive! Well done and hope you have many successful markets to come!

  4. Thanks Dyani, I do have you to thank for so much of the research, I spent so much time reading your blog as my how to market guide!
    And I will keep reading too, there is always a new question that you have most likely already answered there, so anyone thinking of doing a market, toddle on over to little deer in the doghouse :)